Roofing the Lake Geneva Target

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Target: Lake Geneva, WI

Size: 128,300 sq ft

Type: Mechanically Attached Fibertite TPO membrane , Metal Era edge metal

Contractor : Ryan Companies US, Inc.

Scope of Work: SRS Roofing & Sheet Metal installed 1 layer of polyisocyanute insulation, followed by one layer of ¼” DensDeck mechanically fastened to metal deck. Tapered saddles were installed between drains and behind unit curbs. A Fibertite TPO membrane was then mechanically fastened to the deck and the seams heat welded. Metal Era extruded aluminum perimeter metal was then installed.

Challenge: Because of the size of the project, the amount of penetrations, the taller than average parapet walls and a winter construction staying on schedule and providing a leak free system during construction was a challenge. Target is well known for its strict specification and thorough post installation roof inspection. Completing the project without having any punchlist items was a proud accomplishment for the SRS Roofing and Sheet Metal crew.

Every roof is different and the commercial flat roofing specialists at SRS Roofing and Sheet Metal chose a Fibertite TPO membrane for several reasons. TPO is an extremely durable, energy efficient and inexpensive commercial roofing system. Covering a large flat roof with multiple penetrations called for a roofing material which would not puncture, shatter or shrink. TPO is flexible, allowing it to settle and move while resisting damage. The white material naturally reflects solar heat away from the building, allowing clients to save money on cooling costs. Additional savings is found in the material itself. TPO roofs are generally less expensive than other flat roofing materials and are easy to install further cutting down on costs. Trust SRS Roofing and Sheet Metal’s professional roofing contractors to select the right roofing system for your business.

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