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Lake Geneva TPO Roof Installation Improves the Aesthetics and Energy-Efficiency of Target

This photo was taken after our Lake Geneva roofing contractors installed a TPO commercial roof for Target. Our goal was to provide a leak-free, durable commercial roof, which would last for years to come. After installing a one layer polyisocyanute insulation, our Lake Geneva roofing contractors added a ¼” DensDeck layer for extra strength. TPO roofs are commonly used for commercial flat roofs. TPO boasts high energy-efficiency, strength and is resistant to punctures. This TPO commercial roof resists leakage, extreme temperatures, and daily. The eco-friendly white materials prevent sunlight absorption, significantly reducing the building’s yearly energy bills. Target’s roof will last a lifetime thanks to the expert Lake Geneva commercial flat roof contractors. Our Lake Geneva roofing contractors can provide the same aesthetic, energy-efficient roof for your commercial building when you call us for a free inspection today!

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