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CarMax Superstore: Waukesha, WI

Type: Carlisle EPDM & Petersen Aluminum Metal, Alpolic Aluminum Composite Panels

Contractor: Glenn H. Johnson Construction

Scope of Work: 2 layers of staggered 2 1/2" Polyisocyanute insulation with a .060 mil Fully Adhered Carlisle EPDM. Metal: Pac-Clad 24 gauge Award Blue standing seam metal roof, Pac-Clad corrugated wall panels, Alpolic 4 mil Aluminum Composite Panels.

Challenge: Oil canning of the standing seam roof panels was a major concern on this project. To minimize the problem, a 12" snap-clad standing seam panel was used. The standing seam roof also included an EPDM lined, built in gutter and snow guard system. Because of its unique design it is barely noticeable when looking at the roofing system from the ground.

Standing seam metal roofs and metal wall panels are a long-lasting, easy to maintain system for pitched commercial roofs. A common complaint about metal roofing systems is “oil canning,” which is when the metal panels develop wave-like ripples. These ripples range from minor creases to making the metal panels appear to be quilted. SRS Roofing and Sheet Metal knew the client did not want extensive oil canning to make their roof and walls look odd. Our skilled commercial roofers chose panels specifically to minimize the amount of oil canning present on the commercial metal roof. SRS Roofing and Sheet Metal’s careful installation and attention to detail paid off and the small amount of oil canning is difficult to spot, even when people look for it. SRS Roofing and Sheet Metal will install metal roofing systems for your business and take all necessary precautions to minimize oil canning and keep your roof looking great.

Contact the commercial metal roofing contractors at SRS Roofing and Sheet Metal for a metal roof with minimal oil canning.