Roofing and Sheet Metal Work at Gander Mountain

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Gander Mountain: Waukesha, WI

Type: Carlisle Ballasted 45 milEPDM , Firestone Una-Clad UC-4, 24 gauge Pre-finished Standing Seam Roof Panels, Flashings and Copings

Contractor: Ryan Companies US, Inc

Scope of Work: Install UL rated Direct Deck Expanded Polystyrene with tapered saddles and a Carlisle .045 ballasted, EPDM roof system. Standing seam metal roofs over entrance way and outdoor display area.

Challenge: Timing and deadlines were very important due to the construction schedule needed to meet the grand opening. Additional attention was directed toward the detail needed to waterproof the anchoring system for the Gander Mountain signage at the main entryway.

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